viper security

viper security – Below mentioned are the steps to install and activate Vipre.

viper security
In order to install viper security, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the following link and log in with your IAS credentials:
  • Copy or write down the Vipre Key that is displayed after logging in.
  • Click the link below the key to start downloading the software.
  • Install the program and approve all security prompts that appear.
  • When you are prompted, enter your Vipre Key in the installation window.
  • You may receive a prompt that “Vipre is ready to install new software.” If so, you please follow the prompts on-screen.

After installing, check your VIPRE expiration date on the main VIPRE program window. If it is not a year from your install date, please follow the instructions below to update the subscription:

  • In Vipre, click on the Help menu > Register
  • You may see an option that says “I have already bought a license to Vipre”. If so, select this, if not, continue.
  • Enter the product activation key you just noted in step #2.
  • Your subscription should be renewed after clicking OK. You will receive updates automatically when your subscription is valid.

Why you should install viper security on your devices?

Vipre is one of the most advanced security antivirus in the world. It protects your device from infiltrations as well as hacking attempts. Advance security algorithm of Vipre security antivirus ensures that your device and data is protected round the clock.

Advantages of having viper security on your devices

Below mentioned are some of the advantages of having Vipre installed on your devices.

Scans external disks

Vipre thoroughly scans the external disk for viruses, malware, trojans, and spyware. If any of them is found, it immediately quarantines them.

Optimizes device for speed related issues

It also optimizes device for speed related issues by removing junk files from the system. As a result, the systems boots up fast and the lags are reduced.